Diabetes Resources and Treatment

Diabetes Resources

Managing your diabetes and blood sugar at home takes understanding and maintenance, but our diabetes resources can help you protect yourself.




Helpful Extras

How Diabetes Works

The History of Diabetes – Learn more about when we discovered diabetes and how treatment has developed over time.

Diabetes 101 – Learn about what diabetes is, the types of it, and how it works.

Treating Diabetes – Learn about the different treatments for diabetes.

Diabetes Q&A – All your diabetes questions answered!

American Diabetes Month 2014 – The American Diabetes Association’s helpful tips to get cooking for their annual awareness month in 2014.

National Diabetes Month 2015 – The American Diabetes Association’s helpful tips to help you eat well and learn about diabetes during their annual awareness month in 2015.

Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month – Make sure you’re protecting your eyes when you have diabetes too.

Managing Your Diabetes

Around the Web: You and Your Family’s Diabetes – Resources from around the web for managing your family’s diabetes.

Around the Web: Your Healthy Lifestyle for Diabetes – Resources from around the web for maintaining a health lifestyle with your diabetes.

Tips for Managing Your Blood Sugar – Tips for keeping your blood sugar low by preventing stress, getting active, and preparing.

Apps for Managing Your Diabetes – Handy technology for keeping track of your diabetes.

Getting Enough Sleep and Your Diabetes – Getting enough sleep can impact your blood sugar.

Caring for Your Teeth with Diabetes – Diabetes can take a toll on your teeth, so it’s important to protect yourself against the risks.

Extra Help and Info

Packing Your Pump: Traveling with Diabetes – Packing when you have diabetes can be a test of memory. We can help.

Avoid the Morning Slump with Breakfast – Eating a healthy breakfast can help you keep your blood sugar levels normal all day.

Dividing Your Plate Into Sections – Learn more about healthy portions and eating balanced meals with this simple guide.

Help Your Kids Reach a Healthy Weight – Steps to help your family focus on healthy exercise and diet choices.

Summer Camp with Diabetes – Your kids with diabetes get the normal camp experience with these camps that can handle their needs.

Back-to-School with Diabetes – Your kids with diabetes may need to keep certain things in mind when going back to school. Help them be prepared.


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