Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Resources

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Resources

Managing your blood pressure at home takes understanding and maintenance, but our blood pressure and cholesterol resources can help make it easier.




Helpful Extras

How Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Work

Understanding Blood Pressure – Learn about what blood pressure is, risk factors, and what your numbers mean.

Breaking Down Why You Have High Blood Pressure – Learn about the reasons your blood pressure’s high and what you’re doing that’s raising it.

Understanding Cholesterol – Learn about what cholesterol is and the guidelines for your levels.

Healthy Hearts – Expert video presentations on taking care of your heart.

Managing Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

American Heart Month 2015 – Quick tips for protecting your heart for American Heart Month.

American Heart Month 2016 – Raise awareness with these handy and compelling videos.

National Cholesterol Education Month – Connect with trusted resources to learn more about cholesterol and how it works.

You and Your Blood Pressure Readings – Learn more about choosing an at-home blood pressure monitor and get tips for accurate readings at home and the doctor’s office.

Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Appointments – Learn more about how often you should schedule preventive services, what you should ask at your appointments, and about being nervous at the doctor’s.

Tobacco and Your Heart – Smoking raises your blood pressure. Learn more about quitting to protect your heart.

Your Meds and Your Heart – Learn more about how your blood pressure and cholesterol meds work, when you should take them, and what you should know about all your medications.

Extra Help and Info

High Blood Pressure and the Hot Tub – Did you know you can use the hot tub even if you have high blood pressure? Read more about the new recommendations.

Healthy Eating and Exercise for Your Heart – Learn about exercising and eating to protect your heart, from trans fats, potassium, alcohol, and soda to the holidays.

Dividing Your Plate Into Sections – Learn more about healthy portions and eating balanced meals with this simple guide.

Cutting Back on Salt for Your Heart – Learn about how cutting back on salt in your diet can help you mange your high blood pressure.

National High Blood Pressure Education Month – Get inspiration and facts about fighting high blood pressures.

Stroke Awareness Month and High Blood Pressure Education Month – Learn more about preventing strokes by managing your blood pressure.


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