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Vantage Point: Take it Easy

In late January, Eagles cofounder and songwriter Glenn Frey passed at only 67 years old. As the radio played lyrics from songs such as “Desperado,” memories flooded back of when I first heard them and where I was during that period of my life.

I remember my parents had the album “Hotel California,” and even though I was too young to understand the lyrics, I played that album at its highest volume, singing “Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place, (such a lovely place,) such a lovely face,” while using the fireplace poker as my electric guitar.

Recently while helping an elderly gentleman in our customer service office, he spotted the picture of my boys in their military uniforms sitting on my desk. The gentleman looked at me with sharp, clear, blue eyes and proudly told me he had served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

He explained how at the time, America’s fighter jets would flame out when trying to fly as high as the North Korean MiG, so to learn North Korean aviation secrets, the Air Force offered a reward for anyone who could deliver one to them. I sat mesmerized as the man turned young before my eyes, reiterating how he was present the day a North Korean fighter pilot landed the MiG right on their Air Force landing strip.

During the Moses Lake Business Expo, a lovely couple told me they were Health Alliance members. The gentleman lifted both arms to show me his muscles and said, “Don’t I look healthy?” Then he surprised me by asking, “Would you believe I am 90?”

When I think of Glenn Frey, it’s hard to imagine the co-writer of such timeless songs ever being old enough to be on Medicare, and his passing caused a heartache tonight for many.

It is an honor to know my job allows me to help people who contributed in their youth to American military history, truly living life in the fast lane. And it is so inspiring to be able to meet someone 90-years-young who can make me feel like the new kid in town.

For those who may be aging into Medicare and have questions or concerns, take it easy knowing we not only have the knowledge and resources to help you, but we also respect the long run that got you here.


Shannon Sims is a Medicare community liaison for Health Alliance, serving Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan counties in Washington. She has four sons and two grandsons. During her time off, she performs as part of a rodeo drill team on her horse, Skeeter.      

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