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Thank Your Hometown Healthcare Heroes

Perhaps one of our shortest blog articles, but one of great importance. As the battle against COVID-19 continues, we again want to express our extreme gratitude to all the healthcare providers who’ve been delivering such needed care to our members and to the world.

And to our dear readers, we hope you do the same. Send a note of thanks to your doctor. A short email, a lengthy card, a hand-colored “thank you” from your child – anything works. Check out your local hospital’s website and see if they’re accepting donations of home-sewn masks. Put your sewing skills to work if so. Put notes in your windows – or colorful chalk messages on your driveway – thanking your town’s nurses, doctors and first responders.

Get creative. Healthcare workers deserve our thanks year-round, but it’s especially important now. Even while practicing social distancing, it’s easy to let them know how truly grateful we all are.

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