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Technology Improving Seniors' Lives

Vantage Point: Technology Helps Seniors Stay Independent

We all want to stay as independent as possible, and that is especially true as we age. Most adults want to age in place, which means aging comfortably in their own home. Luckily, we live in the technology age, and staying independent as we age is totally possible with some cool gadgets!

  • Automatic pill reminders – There are many options to help you take your medications safely and consistently.

    I’ve seen some models that attach to the pill bottle as the lid. The lid reminds you with an alarm that you or a loved one can program, and the lid also keeps track of when the last medications were taken.

    I’ve also seen some models that keep the pills locked until a certain time, and then unlock with an alarm to remind you.

    Another option might be one of the talking clocks that are out there. A loved one can program its recordings to remind you to take your medications.

  • House-cleaning robots – There are house-cleaning robots that can make things like vacuuming and cleaning your floors a lot easier.

    This is a great idea for those that find housework to be exhausting or hard to accomplish because of ability or illness.

  • Safety devices – There are many personal emergency response systems out there for you to choose from. They range from bands that you wear on your wrists that let you signal for help to full-on camera systems that can be installed to let your family monitor you.

    There are also sensors that can be attached to the objects that you use the most. Then, if something seems amiss or out-of-routine for you, your loved ones can be alerted to check in on you.

    Most of these safety systems can be viewed or managed on a smartphone.

  • Just plain cool GPS shoes – There are shoes out now that are able to keep people dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia, who may have the potential to wander, safe.

    A safe area is set up for the person, and if they go outside of that boundary, an alert is sent to their loved ones.

These gadgets are just a few of the vast options available to help you stay home and live independently longer.

Breck Obermeyer is a community liaison with Health Alliance Northwest, serving Yakima County. She is a homegrown girl from Naches and has a great husband who can fix anything and 2 kids who are her world. When not attending community events or providing Medicare education throughout the Valley, she can be found indulging in her hobbies of homesteading, pioneer cooking, and learning new survival techniques. She also has a strong love for all things Halloween.

Bedbug Awareness Week

Bedbug Awareness Week

It’s Bedbug Awareness Week, and bedbugs are still a problem in America. 99.6% of pest professionals still treat bedbug problems, higher than 10 to 15 years ago.

Preventing Bedbugs


The top 3 places for bedbugs are consistently apartments, homes, and hotels. Complaints are higher in the summer, so people may accidentally bring them home from hotels.

Bedbugs can be found in furniture and beds but also behind baseboards and wallpaper. They can also survive in odd locations, like backpacks and cars.

Finding Bedbugs' Hiding Places


Bedbugs don’t transmit diseases, but their bites can become red and itchy welts. Make sure you recognize these pests.

Recognize Bedbugs


To avoid bedbugs, keep your suitcases away from furniture in hotel rooms and vacuum them out when you get home.

Suitcases and Bedbugs


Check your sheets for telltale blood spots, which are a sign that you have bedbugs.

Check Your Sheets


Never bring second-hand furniture into your home without thoroughly checking it for signs of bedbugs.

Vintage Furniture and Bedbugs