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Sugar Awareness Week Recipes

Sugar Awareness Week Recipes

It’s Sugar Awareness Week, and we’re helping you cut back on the sugar that comes in some store-bought staples with these low-sugar Sugar Awareness Week recipes.

Skip the canned soup. Instead, make this Thick Vegetable Soup for the Freezer and still have it on hand for easy dinners.

Thick Vegetable Soup for the Freezer
Image and Recipe via Just a Pinch


Bottled smoothies are generally full of extra sugar, but making them homemade is quick and easy with these 8 Staple Smoothies.

8 Staple Smoothies
Image and Recipe via Wholefully


Try these Low-Sugar Sweet & Salty Cereal Bars with your kids and skip the sugary store-bought versions.

This summer staple can be full of sugar, but these Homemade Baked Beans are just full of flavor.

Homemade Baked Beans
Image and Recipe via The Healthy Chef


Granola is only a health food if it’s not full of sugar! Make this Healthy Banana Bread Granola.

Fruit yogurts from the store are typically full of added sugar, but these 5 Make-Ahead Fruit & Greek Yogurt Parfaits are easy, full of protein, and light on sugar.

5 Make-Ahead Fruit & Greek Yogurt Parfaits
Image and Recipe via Project Meal Plan


Protein bars are filling, but generally too sugar-filled. Make these 15 Low-Sugar, No-Bake Energy Balls instead.

Recipes for Using Your Fresh Fruit

Healthy Fresh Fruit Recipes

This week in food, we gave you delicious recipes that make good use of fresh fruit to get you ready for the summer ingredients.

First up is a Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast that will keep you going any day.

Spring Citrus Salad with Honey Mint Vinaigrette is a light and refreshing salad perfect for lunch in warm weather.

This Key Lime Honey Almond Granola Fruit Salad is an extremely easy and tasty potluck recipe for this summer.

Key Lime Honey Almond Granola Fruit Salad
Image and Recipe via Carlsbad Cravings


These homemade Fruit Jellies are like soft, healthy Jello that will have your kids eating their fruit for dessert.

Fruit Jellies
Image and Recipe via Health


Try this Berry Salsa, a fruity take on the classic, that combines your sweet, savory, and salty cravings.

Berry Salsa
Image and Recipe via Taste Love and Nourish


This Fruit Salad with fresh herbs gets a surprise salty kick from goat cheese, perfect for your next barbecue.

Image and Recipe via Half-Baked Harvest


Try making Grilled Watermelon with Blue Cheese and Prosciutto as a unique appetizer with the summer staple.

Image and Recipe via My Recipes