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Healthy Jackfruit Recipes

Healthy Jackfruit Recipes

Jackfruit is an in-season fruit that’s been gaining popularity in vegetarian and vegan recipes because with the right seasonings and sauces, it can mimic the taste and texture of meat. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to incorporate more Meatless Mondays, these healthy jackfruit recipes can help you give it a try.

First up, your game day craving can go meatless with this Jackfruit Nacho Supreme.

These beautiful Vegan Bao Buns with Pulled Jackfruit look exactly like their meaty counterparts.

Never miss out on BBQ season with this Ultimate BBQ Jackfruit Pulled Pork.

Ultimate BBQ Jackfruit Pulled Pork
Image and Recipe via Organic Authority


This quirky Vegan Buffalo Jackfruit and Broccoli Rabe Flatbread is perfect for guests or a light lunch.

Skip the food truck at lunch with these easy and delicious Vegan Pulled Pork Banh Mi.

Bring guests meatless munching at your next gathering with these Jackfruit Taquitos with Southwest Dipping Sauce.

Build your own dinnertime favorite with Vegan Teriyaki Jackfruit Bowls the whole family will love.

Healthy Exotic Fruit Recipes

Healthy Exotic Fruit Recipes

This week, we’re helping you explore the kitchen with healthy exotic fruit recipes for Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month.

First up is a simple treat you won’t regret, Dark Chocolate Dragon Fruit Coconut Treats.

Dark Chocolate Dragon Fruit Coconut Treats
Image and Recipe via Spabettie


Skip the heavy bar favorite with these lighter Vegan Nachos with Barbecue Jackfruit.

Vegan Nachos with Barbecue Jackfruit
Image and Recipe via Dora Daily


Make breakfast beautiful with Raspberry & Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt Granola.

Make taco-truck-worthy meatless tacos with these tasty Pulled Jackfruit Tacos.

These gorgeous Vegan Dragon Fruit Cheesecake Bars are also guilt-free.

Vegan Dragon Fruit Cheesecake Bars
Image and Recipe via Choosing Chia


Make light Tilapia with Passion Fruit Sauce that will have you dreaming of tropical vacations.

Tilapia with Passion Fruit Sauce
Image and Recipe via Easy and Delish


Feeling the need for a tropical moment this winter? Turn up the heat and enjoy Dragon Fruit Banana Sherbet.

Dragon Fruit Banana Sherbet
Image and Recipe via Doughmesstic