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Healthy Hearts Together

National Cholesterol Education Month 2016

It’s National Cholesterol Education Month again! Use the resources of Million Hearts, a national effort to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes in the U.S.

Women can make a commitment to protecting their hearts with The Heart Truth.

Pledge Your Heart


Subscribe to Heart Insight, the free digital magazine that has great info for heart patients and their families.

Read for Your Heart


New innovative cholesterol drugs can be expensive, but they’re making progress for some, via Forbes.

Progress in the Future of Cholesterol Treatment


A long-term review of cholesterol-lowering drugs shows just how effective they are, via CBS News.

Statins' Effectiveness


Test your Cholesterol IQ with this quiz and make sure you know the facts.

Test Your Heart Knowledge


Use this Interactive Cholesterol Guide to brush up on how to protect your heart.

Connect to Your Heart Health
Discovering Effective Alzheimer's Disease Treatments

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

This month is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Take the Purple Pledge to support people facing it today.

Take the Purple Pledge


The first trial that’s trying to prevent Alzheimer’s before symptoms start is happening now from BBC News.

Trying to Prevent Alzheimer's


It’s important to know the signs of Alzheimer’s to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Signs of the Disease


This touching story from the New York Times Magazine will remind you why we must end Alzheimer’s.

Why We Must Fight Alzheimer's


Find facts and figures and resources, or find a walk to support a cure.

Getting Connected to Learn About Alzheimer's


Studies like this one are working hard to figure what exactly causes Alzheimer’s, from The Economist.

Studying Alzheimer's Cause


Doctors and scientists are getting close to effective treatments in the journey to end Alzheimer’s, from Forbes.