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Counseling Awareness Month

Counseling Awareness Month

It’s Counseling Awareness Month, and you may not realize all the different areas of your life where counseling might be able to help you.

What you probably think of when you think of counseling is mental health therapy, which can help you handle anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues.

Mental Health Counseling


Career counseling can help you with your job search, whether you’re a college student, job searching, or just a professional looking to set new goals and develop your skills.

Career Counseling and Planning


Child and adolescent counselors help kids work through life changes and stresses from school, family, or peer relationships, like divorce or bullying.

Counseling for Children


Grief counselors can help you deal with loss, like deaths, terminal illness, divorces, or other bereavements. They can help you work through these emotions in a safe and healing space.

School counselors help students in their personal and academic development. They can help them pursue academic goals like college or give students support with any issues they’re experiencing.

School Counseling for Students


Rehab counseling helps people with disabilities work through their issues and implement solutions, which could mean helping with job development or developing goals based on their situation and abilities.

Rehab Counseling & Disabilities


Substance abuse counselors help people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction set recovery plans and goals and work through the stages of recovery.

Substance Abuse Counseling and Recovery


If you’re a Health Alliance member, you can search for therapists and counselors covered by your plan.