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Focus on Nutrition

Tips to Focus on Nutrition

In honor of National Nutrition Month, this week in food, we’re helping you focus on nutrition and make smart choices.

Lighten up your morning coffee run with these quick tips.

Smart Choices at the Coffee Shop


See what you know about what you eat or brush up with these quizzes on the different food groups.

Do you understand nutrition labels? They can be key to understanding what you’re buying, and we can help you break them down.


Is takeout your go-to on busy weekdays? These helpful tips can help you make smart choices.

Smart Choices in Takeout


School lunches are built to help your kids eat a balanced meal. Break them down to better understand them.

Balanced School Lunches


Teen girls sometimes struggle to build healthy eating habits. These tips can help them make smart, healthy decisions and avoid eating disorders.

Food Tips for Teen Girls


Teen boys might be able to get away with eating anything now, but these tips can help them set good habits they’ll be grateful for later in life.

Food Tips for Teen Boys
Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight Week 2015

Many people who diet the first week of January binge the second, and are ready for better choices by the third week of the month. That’s why this week is Healthy Weight Week!

Finding Your Healthy BMI


Stop restricting calories! Losing weight with low-calorie diets can screw up your system. Instead, eat balanced and filling meals.

Don't Count Calories


Cooking at home, where you can control what is in your food and how much you eat, can be better than using expensive dieting products.

Protein Shake Powder


Making healthy choices while remembering that not everyone can look the same can help you focus on a healthy weight.

Embracing Healthy Differences


Not getting enough sleep can make your hormones imbalanced, actually making you hungry! So don’t skimp and you’ll fight your hunger and up your energy.

Healthy Amounts of Sleep


Stay active and accountable. You are the only one who can keep yourself from going back to bad habits. Find things that motivate you like a cookbook that inspires you or a friend to workout with.

Finding Motivation to Be Healthy


Reward yourself when you reach milestones. Finally hit a new dress size? Buy that outfit you’ve been wanting. Did you go to all the workouts you committed to? Sign-up for the fun fitness class you’ve been eyeing!

Reward Yourself At Milestones