Pictures from Decades Gone By

May is national photography month, and family portraits have been around for a really long time. We can open up history books and see black and white pictures from centuries ago.

I have memories of my mother fixing my hair when I was a child, making sure I had no bumps with a couple of tugs in the process. I would get to wear my Sunday dress with the shiniest shoes and the cutest socks. (For reference, this was the early ’90s.)  

I recall showing up at Sears and getting intimidated by all of the lights. A very cheerful photographer would come into the studio and break me out of my shell. The photographer would get funny and well-posed pictures. Once we received the pictures, my mother would hang them on the wall to display our family.

As years go by, we don’t always notice changes as they happen, but when I walk into my mother’s home and see our family portraits, they take me back to those specific times in my life (bad fashion and all), and all I feel is joy.

Every year when the weather starts to get nice, I like to take pictures with my family. Our Sears is no longer around, but we have so many local photographers that can help capture precious moments. I’ve started a tradition of taking family pictures at least twice a year. I love to see how much we change in just six months.

I like taking pictures in the spring or summer as well as the holiday season. I can now look back at our pictures and remember that I bribed my son with candy or screen time for the cute little smile I see. I thank all of these photographers for capturing the best family pictures.

We get to keep these memories on our wall, in a photo album, or in a digital frame. We can look back and chuckle, thinking of how much it took to get to that point in time. I’m looking forward to 30 years from now and having my kids judge my fashion choices.

Jessica Arroyo is a community liaison for Health Alliance NorthwestTM, serving Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan counties in Washington. Born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley, during her time off, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two very busy kids.

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