Pharmacy Pro Protecting You

Pharmacy Pro Helps Members Make Smart Choices

Tamara Migut has spent the last 14 years in pharmacy helping people understand their prescription drugs and how to take them safely. She now works closely with the Health Alliance drug formulary, so she’s able to explain it in simple terms.

“The formulary lists common covered generic and brand-name prescription drugs. It’s not a complete list,” she says. “It helps you and your doctor choose the best drug for your health needs, first, as well as your budget.”

Tamara spends a lot of time doing research to help members and doctors with their prescription questions. After reading health lingo all day, she likes to unwind (when time allows, she’s a mother of three!) with a science fiction book.

Maybe that’s because she’s married to a science teacher. Her husband has taught chemistry at Urbana High School for 12 years.

Tamara also helps members save money by telling them about cost-saving pharmacy programs like Rxtra.

“You can save based on where you have your prescriptions filled,” she says.

She also tells people about generic drugs, which work just as well as brand-name ones but cost a lot less.

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