Serving Health for National Food Safety Education Month

National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education Month. And this year’s theme is about restaurants. If you own or work in one, use these activities for a refresher.

Do you know how best to store your food and keep it fresh? We can help:

Some things you should wash as soon as you bring them home. Others should wait until before you eat them. Learn how to clean your produce:

Do you really know what organic produce can give you? We can help:

Safe food prep is key to healthy cooking at home. Make sure you’re doing it right:

Do you know expiration dates aren’t standard? We can help you make sense of them:

Food poisoning is serious, and nothing kills foodborne illness like heat. Make sure you’re safe:

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  1. Anthony Bourdain always suggests to refrain from eating seafood at restaurants on Mondays when it is likely that it has been sitting the cooler since Thursday.

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