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National Cholesterol Education Month

It’s National Cholesterol Education Month. Do you know what cholesterol is and what your levels mean? Learn more.

Cholesterol Defined


What can high cholesterol do to you? Learn more about the consequences.

Your High Cholesterol


Knowing your cholesterol numbers can help protect you from heart disease and stroke. Learn more.

Cholesterol Labels


High cholesterol can be different for different people. Learn about your risk.

Your Cholesterol Risk


Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and monitoring for your cholesterol and protect yourself.

Knowing Your Numbers


Preventing high cholesterol is important, but so is knowing about treatment. Learn about both.

Do you need tools and resources as you learn about your cholesterol? The American Heart Association can help.

Cholesterol Tools and Resources

2 thoughts on “National Cholesterol Education Month”

  1. I like how you said, “High cholesterol can be different for different people”. I recently had my cholesterol checked. My doctor said it was within normal range. Also, he said I had good blood pressure. How do you get high cholosterol?

    1. Your body naturally produces some of the bad cholesterol that can cause high cholesterol, but your cholesterol levels are also affected by things like your diet, how much you exercise, and if high cholesterol runs in your family. But you should definitely trust your doctor, who is more familiar with your lifestyle and medical history to fully understand what your numbers mean for you.

      If you’re interested in learning more about your blood pressure and cholesterol though, we have a page to connect you to all our posts about those subjects, or the American Heart Association is a great resource.

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