Steps Towards a Healthy Pregnancy with Diabetes

Manage Your Pregnancy with Health Alliance Care Coordination

You or your loved one is pregnant. You are eager – and a bit nervous – about bringing a new life into the world. What can you do to ensure that your new baby girl or boy is born healthy? Establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is step number one, and setting up prenatal care should be top priority. Prenatal care allows you to closely monitor your doctor visits, ultrasounds and other testing. This helps you prepare for your journey ahead – easing your worries and helping you focus on what truly matters.

Imagine having access to an extra layer of support, provided directly through your health insurance company. Health Alliance offers just that, through our Prenatal Care Coordination. This free program, offered through your Health Alliance Medical Plan, pairs you with an experienced nurse who helps you navigate your pregnancy.

Nicole McCoy RN, BSN is the prenatal, neonatal and pediatric care coordinator for Health Alliance.  Nicole has been a nurse for 10 years and has extensive experience with high risk pregnancies, neonates and pediatrics in many different capacities. She has cared for patients at their bedsides, attended neonatal deliveries as part of resuscitation teams and has participated in flight and emergency nursing. At Health Alliance, Nicole has helped our members experiencing both healthy and more challenging pregnancies. She provides moms-to-be with expertise and support to reach their health goals. Nicole can answer questions about weight management, proper nutrition and how to understand care plans. She also offers support – and knowledge – for those who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies and complications. Nicole works with our members over the phone, and also in person for those who live in the Champaign-Urbana area.

Interested in working with Nicole? She offers compassionate, caring help with the following services throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period:

Understanding and managing your pregnancy: Many women struggle with understanding certain aspects of their pregnancy, or with common medical conditions that add complications. Nicole works directly with you, providing education and support through your pregnancy and postpartum period. She addresses any concerns that may arise, such as postpartum depression.  

Setting and reaching your pregnancy health goals: No matter what your health goals are during pregnancy, Nicole can assist you. Need help setting specific goals? Need certain supports? Or simply want help staying motivated? Nicole helps you reach the goals that are most important to you.

Assuring there are no gaps in your plan of care: Nicole can check that there are no missing parts to your current plan of care, and she will assist you in addressing needs as they arise.

Navigating your health insurance plan: Nicole can help guide you through certain insurance processes, such as prior authorizations and referrals. She will provide you the appropriate resources or information to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Finding resources related to your pregnancy and wellbeing: Nicole works closely with experts in other Health Alliance departments – such as pharmacy and social work – to address any related needs.

Working with your obstetrics office: Nicole has a wonderful working relationship with many obstetrics doctors who are Health Alliance providers. She works closely with them to ensure the best possible care for you and your new family. Interested in Care Coordination?  Please reach out to our staff by calling 1-800-851-3379 ext 28947 or emailing

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