Kondo Method to the Rescue

My eyes have been opened and I’m a full Marie Kondo convert. I had heard about her and her methods before in passing but never really looking into them. I figured they were a gimmick type of approach and I wasn’t really interested in what she or the method had to offer. Fast forward to a time when I was flipping through one of those streaming services trying to find a show to put on, in order to kind of pay attention to it while I was cleaning around the house. I know it might be odd, but I like to have a show on in the background that I kind of pay attention to when I’m cleaning. I have no idea why, but I find it comforting and it helps me move through tasks easier. I stumbled onto her show and thought to myself, “why not?” Not long after the episode started, my cleaning waned and I was watching the episode fully. Fast forward a couple of hours and I had fully binged the whole season on Netflix and I was staring at my dresser. That particular weekend I had decided that I was going to go through my dresser as it was starting to overflow. I figured I was going to have to downsize my leggings collection (insert horrified gasp here) but wanted to give her technique a shot in order to see if I could not only keep all my leggings but make some much needed room for new additions that I might find in the future. Full disclosure here, I didn’t go through the whole decluttering process, like they do in the episodes. I just knew that I wanted to see if the folding would allow for me to keep my beloved leggings collection. With gusto, I dumped out the two drawers and started on it. Low and behold, all of the leggings fit (with room for a few more). Victory! From there, I was hooked on the folding technique. I moved to my shorts drawer (which was complete with fancier leggings) and organized that. That drawer was a hot mess, let me tell you. I didn’t think that I would have gotten them to all fit nicely (and I also used this time to purge the one that I didn’t enjoy anymore, or as Marie says, didn’t spark joy) but they did, and the purging helped, and I was so happy. I then moved to other drawers and got them organized as well. I had to look up some folding methods that weren’t shown in the show but easily found them online. That was about December or January that I did this and they are still organized like this to this day. I eventually took this technique to my closet where I’ve taken out clothes that I don’t enjoy anymore or that I had been holding on for those various reasons we all use (the maybe I’d fit back into them one day clothes, for me). My shoes are now organized as well and I’m feeling much better and far more in control of my environment. I’m thankful for these methods and how they’ve improved my space.

Breck Obermeyer Yakima WA – Breck Obermeyer is a Community Liaison with Health Alliance Northwest, serving Yakima County. She is a small town girl from Naches and has a great husband who can fix anything and 3 kids who are her world.

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