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Heart Health Starts with One Simple Step

Knowing about heart health and taking action are two different things. Both are important, and you can start both today – for yourself and in honor of American Hearth Month.

Learn three things about heart health here. Each includes one thing you can begin today to start strong. Healthcare experts know small changes matter. You’ll feel successful without being overwhelmed.

Plus, you can add another change once you master the first.

Move toward a heart-healthy diet. We’re learning lean meats and seafood are better than fat-filled alternatives. We know processed items don’t stack up as well as foods in their original format. And it’s true the right fresh fruits and vegetables can help relieve damage from not-so-healthy eating patterns and set us up for success. But where should you start?

Here’s that one thing you can do: Cut down on salt.

It’s easier than you think. Start by looking at the nutrition labels on the foods you eat. You’re likely taking in more salt than you realize. That awareness makes it easier to make smart changes without sacrificing flavor.

Give your heart muscle a workout. It’s that simple. Movement makes your heart stronger.

One thing you can do:Choose how you move.

Walking isn’t for everyone, but it’s an easy place to start. Even better, you’ll feel the benefits quickly. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day makes your heart stronger, your endurance greater and your satisfaction higher.

Avoid tobacco. We discover daily how harmful smoking, chewing, vaping and other ways to use tobacco can be. Our body simply isn’t meant to cope with such foreign substances. Repeated exposure to tobacco leads to heart disease, heart attack, stroke and even death.

One thing you can do: Check out Quit For Life.

It’s worked for millions. It can work for you.

Again, keep your heart-health goals manageable so you don’t get overwhelmed. We welcome you to check out these other heart-focused topics from your friends at Health Alliance.

For help learning about caring for your heart – and taking do-able action that makes a difference – check out these additional tips. Then speak with your care team. Or contact Health Alliance at the number on the back of your member ID card and ask if health coaching or care coordination might be right for you.

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