Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

This week on social media, we had Halloween safety tips for your kids this holiday!

First up, talk to your kids to make sure that they know only to enter the homes of trusted adults they know, visit well-lit houses, and never take rides from strangers.

Put reflective tape on costumes or hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating so drivers can see you.

Make sure kids know road safety like using sidewalks & looking both ways before crossing the street.

Swords and the like should be soft, flexible & short. Make sure kids can move and see in their outfits.

Avoid candles & buy flame-resistant costumes. Test make-up on a small area & remove before bed to prevent skin problems.

Never let kids trick-or-treat alone! They should go in groups or with a trusted adult.

Examine all treats when your kids get home for choking hazards and tampering. Eat only factory-wrapped treats from strangers. But you can make healthy treats for friends and family.

Limit the amount of candy your kids eat. You can also find healthy holiday treats on our Pinterest.

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