Vision Testing for Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

It’s Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, and National Eye Exam Month, so make sure their eyes are ready for back-to-school too.

Their eyes should be checked during regular exams and vision testing should happen around age 3.

Choosing Your First Pair of Glasses


Do your kid’s eyes naturally cross? They may have strabismus.

Cross Eyed for Fun vs. Strabismus


Does one of your kid’s eyes seem to wander? They may have amblyopia, or a lazy eye.

Preventing a Lazy Eye


Does your kid’s eyelids droop? They may have ptosis.

Protecting Their Vision


Does your kid have trouble seeing or identifying certain colors? They may be colorblind.

Just Mismatched Socks or Colorblindness?


Does your kid seem disinterested in reading or seeing distant objects? They may be far or nearsighted.

Seeing Near and Far


Does your kid squint or turn their head trying to focus on the TV? They may have astigmatism. Take them to the eye doctor for a checkup.

Seeing to Focus


Protect your kids eyes in these situations by taking them to the eye doctor for a checkup at the first sign of problems. The earlier it’s caught, the better the chance of improving a vision problem.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month”

  1. Your statement about how to tell if my child may have astigmatism has brought something important about my child to my attention. For the past few weeks, I thought that it was really curious seeing my son turn his head while watching TV. At first, I thought this was a curious little TV watching habit that he picked up, but now I can see that it could be a sign that he could have astigmatism. Taking him to an eye doctor would be a good idea so that I can get to the bottom of why he’s been turning his head when focusing on the TV. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi Deanna! I actually had a lazy eye as a child, and my parents catching it when I was young made a huge difference in how it responded to treatment. I’m so happy to hear that our post might’ve helped, and good luck to you and the little guy at the doctor!

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