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New Year’s Reset

Happy New Year, everyone! Here is hoping that 2020 is your best year yet. Now, I’m sure my readers are thinking my next line will be something about what my New Year’s resolution is going to be. No, not this year.

I have a different take on 2020 that I would like to share. Resolutions make us obsess about outcomes. The outcomes are sometimes tied to success, but they’re also sometimes tied to failure. So this year, I am substituting the term “New Year’s resolution” with “New Year’s reset!”

It seems like every year, many of us find a way to ring in the new year, like watching the ball drop on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” with the countdown “3-2-1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” Or maybe we skip staying up all together because this whole New Year’s Eve thing is overrated. Nevertheless, the next day, we close the book on last year, and just like that, we are on to a brand-new year and a brand-new start.

Starting that diet?  Setting the goal for financial freedom? Both?  These are the good old New Year’s resolutions, the imagined future, where we all vow to make a change. Our minds are set and ready to move on to a better us! “This is the year that you are going to do it,” we tell ourselves.

What I have learned over all the years is that my ready-set-go approach is good for maybe the first week or two (maybe the first month or two if I’m lucky). The adrenaline is high. I go out and buy all the organic fruits and veggies and local health food to fill the fridge. Then, I head out to the mall to find sweatpants and a matching headband, maybe even a new pair of shoes to walk and exercise away all those pounds (all on sale of course because I am trying to cut down on spending, too!).  Now, it’s all set, and I can’t wait to start!   

Next thing you know, good intentions are interrupted. In the mail, there’s an invitation to the wedding event of the year (with of course, lots of food and drinks to be served). And no doubt, I have to find the perfect dress and accessories to wear to the big gala. Or maybe it’s the annual Super Bowl party invite with more food and drinks (at least sweatpants are fine for this occasion). There go the resolutions, just like that! And here come the struggles and guilt with all kinds of mixed feelings! What about the diet and saving money? Why do I do this every year?  

Why put yourself through that?   

This year, wouldn’t it be easier if we lived in the moment and not the imagined future? If each day, we took a short, mindful pause? Stop and reset? What is going on around you right this minute? You might see the most wonderful sunset or maybe kids sledding down a hill. Maybe you hear the humming sound of the fan or just that peaceful serenade of silence.

You don’t have to worry about the entire year or even tomorrow, just be in the moment. Mindfulness is putting the attention on the present, and doing it purposefully. You aren’t imagining it, you are living it!

Go out for a walk or take that spare change to the bank. Make it intentional! It’s that small space in time that you can slow down, replenish, and reset your mind and body. 

In 2020, maybe we can all learn to hit the reset button and find how the power of taking just a few minutes of each day can lift your spirit, boost your mind, and achieve successes! Here’s to a wonderful start for 2020!

Morgan Gunder is a community and broker liaison for Reid Health Alliance. Born in the South and raised in the Midwest, she is a wife and mother with a passion for traveling, learning, and technology.

20/20 Vision for the New Year

Happy New Year to all! I think this year is going to be kind of fun as we set our sights on new adventures and keep an eye on our health and well-being!  

For the past few years, I’ve steered clear from New Year’s resolutions and have tried to find new ways to view what’s ahead. This year, I decided to create a vision board! There is no better time than 2020, right? Some of you may be wondering what a vision board is, how it works, and how it can make a person happy.  

A vision board is a collage of pictures and/or words that represent the life you want to live. It could be what you are hoping for, certain things you want to focus on for your future, or just the things that make you happy! It can have as many or as few representations as you want. It’s up to you. What matters is that you are the one creating it, and every time you see it, it’s a reminder that you are unique and that what inspires you doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. It helps erase negative thoughts in a way and keeps your mind clear to let positive thoughts in.

I love creativity and being crafty, so for my vision board, I am getting a poster board and using scissors and glue the “old school” way. Of course, there are other ways, like a digital vision board, Pinterest, or other forms of social media. It’s up to the individual.

Once you’ve made your vision board, you can put it in a spot where you will see it most often. Throughout the day, you will end up doing brief visualization exercises, and believe it or not, what you focus on expands. Wouldn’t you rather think happy thoughts throughout your day and throughout the year?

So what does my vision board look like in 2020? 

Just to give you a glimpse of what makes me happy, my vision board will have pictures of my family (to represent love), flowers, birds, waterfalls and the sky (to represent nature and calmness), words that represent health (like energy, balance, and healing), and beads and baubles (just for fun to give my board more texture and dimension).

In this new year, visualize a happier you. Let’s have 20/20 vision in 2020 to clearly reach your dreams! What will your vision board look like?

Mervet Adams is a community liaison with Health Alliance. She loves her grandson, family, nature, and fashion. Like this article? Feel free to respond to Thanks for reading!