Apps for Summer Mishaps and More

We are almost there. Where’s that you ask? Summer!

We’ve seen some warmer weather, but just around the corner, it will be days full of glorious sunshine and temperatures to match.

When I was younger, my dad’s side of the family took vacations to new locations every other summer, and every 4 years, we returned to a beach house in Folly Beach, SC. It was always fun because my dad had 8 siblings, so if you can imagine, there were a lot of us!

There were unexpected accidents that happened, like kids falling off bicycles, kids getting stung by jelly fish, kids hitting other kids with things they shouldn’t. And because of that, sometimes there were trips to urgent care or the emergency room.

I can remember when my older brother fell out of a tree and came in with his arm flipped the other way. My mom just passed out on the spot. So it left my dad to pick up and rush him to the ER.

And 29 years ago, technology was not the way it is now by any means!

Back then, if my dad didn’t have his wallet or insurance card, we knew there would be a bill for the full amount coming in the mail, and then we would have to ask them to submit the bill so we wouldn’t be responsible for it.

Today, we have apps to store our insurance cards and debit/credit cards, as well as apps to view medical data, so everything is almost instant.

With Reid Health AllianceTM, our members are protected on the go with the HallyTM app and the My Reid Health app.

Hally gives members instant access to their insurance card and lets them view claims and out-of-pocket expenses so they’re always prepared. It also allows them to look up in-network providers to save the most money in unforeseen circumstances.

With the My Reid Health app, they’re able to schedule appointments with providers, ask questions, view test results, and view and pay bills all with the touch of their fingers.

So whether or not you’re traveling this summer, you can be prepared for the unexpected or the daily routine by checking out these available options.

Morgan Gunder is a community and broker liaison for Reid Health Alliance. Born in the South and raised in the Midwest, she is a wife and mother with a passion for traveling, learning, and technology.

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