A Message of Thanks

The past month has been a difficult time in America and throughout the world. As COVID-19 has infected individuals in all of our service areas and changed the fabric of our daily lives, we wanted to reach out with a short message of gratitude to all those we hold dear.

To our members and employer groups. Thank you for your resilience, strength and optimism during this pandemic. We know that many of you are facing tough times. COVID-19 has affected the health, financial stability and daily life of individuals and businesses in all our communities. Your strength – and collaboration – during these weeks is inspirational.

At Health Alliance, we’ll continue to work hard to make health care more accessible and affordable during this public health emergency. We’ve already taken measures to remove barriers to care, eliminate restrictions and ease costs for our members and groups. We also promise to be here to answer any questions you might have about your coverage. Visit our COVID-19 webpage for common FAQs, and call the number on the back of your ID card for any additional answers you might need.

To our brokers. You haven’t let this pandemic stop or slow your important work, connecting those in our communities to the access to coverage they need. While many of you have had to limit your in-person and face-to-face outreach, you’ve continued providing service to countless individuals, families and businesses who depend on health care now more than ever.

To our providers. Our most heartfelt thanks for your care, concern and selfless service for our members during these difficult and trying times. During the COVID-19 emergency, it’s all of you – our frontline healthcare providers – who are yet again showing your tireless talents, courage and humanity to a world in need of inspiration. Thank you for always rising to the occasion – in everyday circumstances and in the midst of pandemics – to ensure that our members have the absolute best in healthcare services. It’s our honor to work with you as partners.

We aren’t out of the woods yet. But knowing the strength and courage of our communities, we feel confident that better days are ahead. From Health Alliance, simply, thank you.

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